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SoftLark is a Website and Web Application Development Company, that consists of qualified engineers who harmoniously combine knowledge with aesthetics. Its aim is the creation of high quality products (websites, software) according to the individual needs of its customers. Our well-rounded and combined approach to creating a both useful and at the same time appealing product, renders our company the most suitable choice for those looking for an exceptional result.


Web Design & Development

SoftLark engineers have experience in new technologies and web design trends. Technically and aesthetically the customer receives a high quality product that is effective, visually appealing and adjusted to the individual needs of customer's business or creative projects. The product is designed to be responsive across all platforms and devices (mobile phones, tablets, PCs) and it is friendly to search engines, personalized and unique.

E-commerce Services

The company provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your business with the creation of an e-shop and offers important advice for the digital development of your business activity. The final e-shop is a technically complete product, adjustable and aesthetically pleasing that satisfies both the owner of the e-shop as well as their customers.

Special Software

The company informs and helps its customers to upgrade their business or personal activity with the creation of a functional and appealing software that will meet their individual needs. We offer easy and efficient solutions to issues such as the management of your data, the automation of some aspects of your company's work, the promotion and updating of your website. The customer receives a program that facilitates their everyday working life.

Social Media / Web Business Marketing / SEO

SoftLark takes into consideration all modern trends for the promotion and marketing of your business. The company offers consulting services, as well as, social media marketing services in order to create a unique digital presence in the social media (facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.) In addition, the product that the customer receives is specifically optimized and with a suitable content so that it is highly ranked in search engines (SEO).

Boost your Freelanching

A strong Web presence is increasingly essential for a successful career for engineers, doctors, lawyers, photographers, merchants etc. A digital resume, easy access to a professional portfolio as well as keeping a blog, where you can state your opinions with texts and speeches have all become an integral part of the promotion of the modern freelancer and their work.

Full Stack Synthetic Approach

Our engineers create a work according to the principles of technique and art. The work for us does not simply translate into a plain functional application, neither a product of only dazzling aesthetics. The engineers' knowledge as well as their refined sense of the beautiful create a unique result, that will always meet the individual needs of each customer. Both the design of the website (frontend) as well as the program applications that support it (backend) constitute for us fields of a synthetic approach.

Indicative Portfolio



Presentation of a traditional residence for tourism development.

Visit: Villa Helidoni



English teacher personal website

Visit: Anna Konstantinidou



Political and scientific website of social sciences.

Visit: Perspektiva



Computer products eshop

Visit: Computer Pro

Customer reviews

Professionalism, consistency and excellence characterize the work of SoftLark. The cooperation I had with the engineers for the creation of Villa Helidoni website was perfect in every aspect. I undoubtedly recommend it. Anyone interested in something similar should definitely trust SoftLark.

— Manolis Marinakis (Villa Helidoni)

A true example of excellence and attention to detail. I honestly can't thank SoftLark enough. Everyone keeps saying how wonderful my website is. Thank you once more. You stand out!

— Anna Konstantinidou (Website)

Excellent cooperation during the whole process for the creation of Perspektiva website. We received a beautiful and easily managed website. SoftLark is the ideal choice for those who desire to be absolutely satisfied.

— C. S., Administrator (Perspektiva)

Excellent job! Exceptional quality and responsible professionals!

— Α. Β., Owner (Computer Pro)

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Whether you would like us to make a website for you or whether you would like to generally get informed about the digital upgrading of your business or your personal activity or you simply need some information we are ready to assist to you.

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